Donate with Content

In order to attract more participants to our campaign, we need more quality content for social networks. If you make quality and engaging videos, then you can share your work with us. Thanks to you, we can increase the views of our content on the site, and as a result, the Defenders of Freedom will be given more of the help they need.

At the moment we need videos on such topics:

  • Video of how volunteers work and help UA Army and civilians.
  • Ukrainian Army (Video about the Armed Forces, motivational videos collected from various excerpts from telegrams of channels and social networks with the addition of music.)
  • Evidence of Russian aggression (Evidence of Russian aggression. Airstrikes, artillery, etc. Slices of glue in one video.)
  • Rallies (Rallies of civilians in different cities. About how the city resists the military of the Russian Federation.)
  • Opinion of Experts and Famous People (There are many videos of interviews with various famous people in Ukraine and Russia who are against the war. Collect their interviews, cut out the best and stick them together in one video.)
  • Human stories (Real stories of people who witnessed the aggression of the Russian Federation.)

Video Duration can be:

  • up to 1 minute. (Tickets, Instagram)
  • from 1 to 3 minutes.
  • 3-5 minutes.

Style Options:

  • documentary, informational
  • clip (motivational, humorous, tragic)

You can submit the source of the video through the form below. By submitting content through the form below, you transfer the authorship of the video to us.

Thank you! Our moderators will check the video and post it on the website and social networks.