Who are the Defenders of Freedom?

Defenders of Freedom are people who protect society from the totalitarian policies of aggressor countries who attack countries under the guise of various false pretexts, such as the mission of "saving" their fellow citizens in other countries.

As a result, they impose their nationalist policy in a violent way and engage in genocide of people in the country they attack. As of 2022, this country is Russia. This country was known before for its nationalism and barbarian politics. Ru attacked Ukraine on February 24 and promotes its new kind of Nazism - "Rashism".

Ukrainians are now at the forefront of the European Union and are defending the Democratic world from Russian aggression, they are fighting for the freedom and democracy of the entire civilized world.

What does it mean "Donate and Defend"?

"Donate and Defend" - the name of the fundraising campaign we distribute on social media.

Campaign hashtags: #DefendersOfFreedom #DonateAndDefend

The main idea is that any person in the world can join the struggle for freedom and human values in Ukraine, even if he is thousands of kilometers away from the war.

His help is very important for Victory. Today, any participation, financial or informational, is participation in the defense against Russian aggression.

What is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project is to provide assistance to organizations with volunteers from people who support the Defenders of Freedom in Ukraine.

We focus on helping trusted organizations because they have a team and processes.

They are experienced in helping and do it daily.

By sending them funds, you can be sure that your help will reach the person who needs support.

Who is developing this website?

The development and maintenance of this site are carried out by the Ukrainian company "Defence Partners, LLC" and the Civil Organization "Techcluster".

You can check their details here.

How can you help the Defenders of Freedom?

We try to provide different options for help. Ordinary financial assistance, assistance with the help of blockchain technology (NFTs), and even just help with information, reposting, etc.

Any help Ukraine needs now. We are grateful to you for participating in our project.

How you can help you can find out here: Donate & Defend

What are organizations? What are they doing?

Organizations are companies or teams of people that help the military and civilians in the conflict zone and in places where humanitarian aid is needed.

These are verified organizations, you can find them here and get acquainted with their information, social networks.

How can I check that the organization is real?

On this page, you can find organizations and check their details, reports and their social networks.

Can I send funds to multiple organizations through your site?

If it is more convenient for you to send funds through us, then you can use our account to send them. We daily monitor the situation at the front and the occupied territories in order to better understand where military and civilian assistance is needed now. More details you can find here.